Homeschool to annoy a liberal

Homeschool to annoy a liberal

Is this seriously a methodology that people consider?

I was looking for a homeschooling bumper sticker to add to the enormous collection on the back of my car—maybe something about the world being our classroom, or an Einstein quote, or something—when I ran across one that says, “Homeschool to annoy a liberal.”


As a liberal homeschooler, I can only snort at this. I really do know plenty of conservatives who homeschool. In fact, in one of my local groups, the majority of the members are conservatives—but I have never seen any of them try to annoy a liberal.

On the other hand, another group that I locally belong to—a much larger one—is made up of mostly liberals. We have humanists and hippies and democratic unschoolers. We have Buddhists and pagans and people from all walks of life. In the third local group we belong to, perhaps the largest of all, there is such a wide variety of people from every political, religious, and cultural spectrum that I couldn’t even begin to classify.

So I don’t know how you’re going to annoy a liberal with your homeschooling when plenty of us are already doing it. So-rry! And I’d really appreciate it if such stereotypical sentiments would stop being reflected on bumper stickers, or anywhere, in the first place. We homeschoolers don’t take kindly to stereotypes…