Sam and Andre make a break for it!

Sam and Andre make a break for it!

The tale of a less than successful school day "escape attempt."

The street bordered by a sidewalk on the foreground is Terracewood Drive; Southwood Elementary is in the background. One day on that sidewalk a kid whose name I can’t remember (so let’s call him Sam) made a break and inspired another kid named Andre to join him. Here is the story.

You could see Terracewood Drive from my classroom, which was located in the wing closest to the entrance/exit you see here which lets out onto the playground. One fine day we were going about our daily routine when my teacher Mrs. Devine and her assistant Heidi began talking excitedly to one another. The exact words I can’t remember, but the gist went something like:

Heidi: “Look, that’s Sam!  What’s he doing up there?” 

Devine: “He’s running away.”

As Devine and Heidi debated what to do, I took a look myself. Sure enough, there was Sam making a break for it up on that sidewalk. Headed east to heaven knows where.  I did not know Sam well at all, so I can give no reason why he was making a break for it unless he was having a very bad day.

I do know something about the kid in my class who suddenly said in a cheeky tone “Bye” and tore out of my classroom to join Sam, though.

His name was Andre.   A wild kid known for antics like taking his shirt and coat off and dancing around on a cold winter’s day as we all went to board our transport home, dismissively calling locations on a map “garbage” to the hilarity of his classmates (and irritation of his teachers) or giving Heidi “the bird” from the window of his school bus before it left one day.  It’s no surprise he wound up on the pilot program named “Family Focus,” which was run out of Southwood back then, nor is it a surprise that he decided to join Sam in making a break for it.     

Maybe I should join him, I thought as Andre vanished out the classroom door bound for the east exit only a dozen or so steps away. But they will probably catch me, I glumly concluded.  So I dutifully stood there as Heidi conferred with another assistant in the hall and Devine kept an eye on the rest of her flock. Unless my memory is completely off kilter, Heidi and the assistant out in the hall (another lady) even debated calling the police!  

My memory is dim, but I think both Andre and Sam got nabbed sooner rather than later and got in a heap of trouble. And that was the end of that.